As an intentionally accessible agency, Pivotal’s mantra is rooted in sustainability. The energy our artists bring inspires us to stay humble, mentor, and give back. We believe that long term relationships are irreplaceable and a personal touch is our greatest offering. Big or small, everyone becomes a member of the Pivotal family.

Our History

Pivotal is an agency and management firm for motivated musicians.

Started in 2012 to represent artists that need to be heard, our team is now blanketing North America in the universal language of music.

Given our unique position as a sister company to Gravitas Recordings, we base decisions on 360° of each artist’s career, leveraging music and licensing to promote tours and vice versa. Our team’s experience includes talent buying and event promotion, granting the full perspective of the industry in our negotiations.

The Team

  • Cole Jones

    Founder / Manager / Agent

  • Jesse Brede

    Co-Founder / Manager

  • Alex Koshy

    General Manager & Agent

  • Alicia Joy

    Jr. Manager