Bassline Drift began as a chance meeting over Soundcloud, followed by months of long-distance writing and recording that resulted in the band’s debut EP, Ten Moons. It was immediately clear that this creative duo was meant to be; Keli’s intricate blend of Eastern-influenced sound design and indie-pop progressions lay perfectly under Sink’s soulful vocal explorations and catchy jazz compositions — fusing together their iconic, cinematic and downright genre-bending sound.

Before long, the pair’s experimental electronica and luscious lyrical content caught the ear of Austin-based label Gravitas Recordings, under which they released their first full-length album, Proximity. Bassline Drift had officially arrived, and people were taking notice.
Since the release of their album, the dynamic music team has been busy flying back and forth from one another’s cities — New York and Austin — performing theatrical live shows complete with dancers and mesmerizing visual content, as well as creating more music than they can keep track of.

In the spring of 2017, they composed and produced the track ‘Stab At It’ for House of Cards actress Robin Wright’s noir short film, The Dark Of Night, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival. More licensing deals are set to follow, but BD is sworn to secrecy for now.
Together, Sink and Keli continue to weld heavy bass music, unique vocals and every genre you can and cannot think of into their project. And they’ve only just begun.



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