spacegeishA is an intergalactic bossbAbe with a penchant for all things bass-heavy. She is defying gravity, working as the Label & Agency Director at Street Ritual by day and a DJ night; representing Shanti Planti and Street Ritual. spacegeishA tirelessly scours the outer galaxies, curating StreetRitual’s catalogue of 100+ albums that showcase producers from across the globe. Her refined taste reflects cutting edge, mid-to-high tempo psychedelic bass — specifically halftime, dubstep, drum & bass, glitch-hop, psybass and dark prog. With over a decade of music industry experience under her ray-gun holster. Her musical collages show dedicated selecting and skillful sampling. spacegeishA has abducted crowds at festivals from Lightning In A Bottle, Bamboo Bass, TheUntz Festival, Symbiosis, Enchanted Forest, Serenity Gathering, Solasta, BOOM Festival, Lucidity and Burning Man.